Welcome to the club!

We're starting something new. Stay tuned to this blog for posts about creating. Some will be posted by us. Some will be featured guest posts from our crafty friends. Interested in joining this club? We'd love to have you! Visit our Facebook page, like our page, and stay tuned for opportunities. We're always looking for ways to share in the fun of our business, and would love to give you the same opportunity.

We're looking for some guest blog posts - and you can promote your business for free! Email us for details. There are a few ground rules, like the post needs to be about something you can make or some tips about how to make something better. And, your small business needs to have a webpage or social page to link up your contact information. And, as with all posts, we reserve the right to edit and select all submissions. Email us to get started. It's pretty cool free opportunity!

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